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  • Visualizations take data from your database and visualize this through charts, maps, calendars and more.

    View Visualizations​


    Each visualization can be selected with the check box to the left of its name. Once selected it can be altered by clicking on the buttons in the top right hand corner:

    • New - allows you to create a new visualization.
    • Edit - allows you to edit the visualization, note that you can also edit the visualization by clicking on its name.
    • Publish - sets the state of the visualization to published.
    • Unpublish - sets the state of the visualization to unpublished.
    • Check In - checks in the visualization.
    • Trash - trashes the visualization.
    • Options - links to the general Fabrik Options.
    • Help - links to the related Fabrik wiki article.
    For each visualization in the list you also have the fields:

    • Published - toggles the form's published state
    • Type - displays the visualization type.
    You can filter the types of visualization shown with the "Filter" drop down.

    Add / Edit Visualization​



    • ID - the visualizations id number in the database.
    • Label - the label that is used at the top of the visualization as the visualization title.
    • Introduction - the text that will appear beneath the label.
    • Plugin - this defines which visualization plug-in will be used. Once selected additional fields, specific to the plug-in selected, will appear beneath this drop down. Additional plug-in types can be downloaded from fabrikar.com.

    • Published - set to yes to publish the visualization, set to no to unpublish the visualization.
    • Author - the user who created the visualization.
    • Access - the viewing access level required to view the visualization.
    • Created Date - the date the visualization was created.
    • Start Publishing - the data and time at which to start publishing the visualization. Note the visualization has to be published for this option to be applied.
    • Finish Publishing - the data and time at which to stop publishing the visualization. Note the visualization has to be published for this option to be applied.
    Visualization Options
    • Show title - show the visualization title
    • Show filters - show any filters that are applied to the Lists used by the visualization

    Creating links to Visualizations​

    To create a Joomla menu link to your visualization:

    • Select your desired menu.
    • Then press the 'New' button.
    • Next select "Fabrik > Visualization"
    • Enter a title for your link.
    • Select the visualization instance you would like to render.
    • Click 'Save & Close'.

    Filtering Visualizations​

    You can filter visualizations via the querystring in exactly the same way you filter Lists.
    Note that the Elements you intend to use in the query string must have a filter enabled even if you choose to to not show filters with the visualization.
    All List Pre-filters are applied to the visualization
    All filters are available provided the 'show filters' option is set to 'yes'