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  • Introduction​

    Before posting in the forum, please refer to the [ FAQ] as the solution to your issue may be found there.

    When posting issues in the forum, please provide the following information to expedite support:

    • Joomla Version
    • Fabrik Version
    • Have you applied latest GitHub Update (where applicable)
    • Browser
    If possible you may also wish to provide:

    • URL to issue (please provide the exact url and not just the main site url)
    • Joomla template used
    • A video of the issue using a tool such as Jing or, if you're running Win7, the 'Problem Steps Recorder' psr.exe
    • Results from Firebug for Troubleshooting possible Javascript & CSS issues.
    • A list of any other notable plugins or Modules you are running that may be causing conflicts
    Following standard support protocol, you might also find it helpful to state:

    • Desired Behaviour
    • Current Behaviour
    • Steps To Replicate Issue
    Updating/Upgrading Issues​

    You can find detailed instructions on current updating and upgrading procedures

    How To Issues​

    For any issues that involve seeking support to understand a Fabrik feature or implement an idea, you may find the following resources useful as an information primer:

    And once you've figured it out, please feel free to contribute your knowledge back to the project in the form of a tutorial or Fabrik feature article or by joining Team Wiki.

    Example Of A Good Forum Post​
    Descriptive Title : User element not showing in details view​
    Post :
    Environment :​
    • Joomla 2.5.2
    • Fabrik 3.0.4 with latest GitHub Update
    • Chrome
    Issue : After applying latest GitHub update I cannot see a User element in details view.​
    Resources :​
    Example Of A Bad Forum Post​
    Non Descriptive Title : Help !​
    Post : I cannot see User element anywhere, please help !​