Error messages and possible solutions

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  • Introduction​

    Below you will find a list of error messages and their common causes and solutions.

    Sorry the following fields in the CSV File are not found in this table​

    Coming soon.

    Sorry this form is not published​

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    Sorry this table is not published​

    Possible solution:

    Go to admin backend > Fabrik > Lists > Your list > Publishing and verify if the field 'Finish Publishing' is set to 0000-00-00 00:00:00.

    Sorry this visualization is unpublished​

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    Fatal error: Class 'plgFabrik_ValidationruleIsemail' not found in​

    This can occur if you have added a Validation to a form but the access level of the Validation plugin does not match that of the form.

    Unknown column 'introtext'...​
    Maybe an issue with Roost Web Push for Joomla package.
    Disable the Roost New Article Notification Override plugin

    Dompdf library not found​

    500 Fabrik has generated an incorrect query for the list​
    In Fabrik Options/Debugging set "Allow Fabrik Debug"=yes.
    Then call your list and append &fabrikdebug=1 (resp. ?fabrikdebug=1 if it's the first URL param)
    This will show you the detailed MySQL error message.

    If you've got a white screen​
    See I've got a whitescreen - what next?