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  • This wiki entry is for those frequent questions whose answers are so simple to answer they don't justify either their own wiki entry or even inclusion into another wiki entry.

    If you find yourself asking looking here for an answer but not finding it, so you ask in the forums - then when you get the answer, please add it here for others to find.

    Q: The link to the wiki page I want is broken or I just can't find what I need. How can I find the wiki page I need?
    A: Go to the Wiki Page List and see if you can find what you need there. If nothing is immediately obvious, try the appropriate "How do I ..." page.

    Q: I cannot see 'Tables' anywhere in the Joomla backend.
    A: Fabrik 2 'Tables' are now called Fabrik 3 'Lists'.

    Q: How do I backup my site?
    A: Please see this tutorial.

    Q: How do I Contribute Code via GitHub?
    A: Please see the Contribute Code page.

    Q: Where can I learn more about the terminology and languages used in Fabrik?
    A: Please see the Fabrik Glossary and Learning Centre.

    Q: How can I contribute a translation?
    A: Please see the Translation page.

    Q: How do I restrict form editing and list viewing to a user's own records?
    A: Please see this tutorial - link

    Q: How do I restrict list editing access to a user's own records only?
    A: Go to Lists > [click your list title] > Access and adjust the 'Edit records' and 'or use field' values. The latter should contain the 'user' field.

    Q: What is the 'user' element plugin?
    A: The 'user' element plugin allows you to grab the id of the logged in user and can be hidden or displayed in list or form view and/or be used for access control (as above).

    Q: Aaaaagggghhhh!! I've got a whitescreen, what should I do?
    A: Enable error reporting and post results after following these steps:
    • Ensure that your PHP Installation has at least a 64mb memory limit by going to joomla admin > site > system information > php information and then find the entry 'memory_limit'
    • Enable maximum error reporting by going to joomla admin > site > global configuration > server > server settings and set error-reporting to "maximum".
    • Go back to the page that was giving you a white screen and refresh
    • This time you should see a set of warning and/or error messages which were created by PHP when the page was run
    • Please copy and paste all of these messages into a forum post following the Forum Post Template
    Q: A new release is available, how do I upgrade?
    A: Please see the Upgrading page.

    Q: I've been updating via GitHub and a new release is available, what should I do?
    A: Please see the Update from GitHub page.

    Coming Soon.

    Coming Soon.

    Q: How do I make a multi page form?
    A: Create multiple Groups that are assigned to the same form and add Elements to those Groups. Apart from the first group, each group should have 'Page break: Yes' defined in its Options.

    Q: I cannot see my element, what is happening?
    A: Please see the Forum Post Template.

    Q: I cannot select the watch element in the cascading dropdown.
    A: The element must be saved once before selection becomes available.

    Q: There is an element or Validation plugin that looks really cool that I want to try but it's not in the dropdown list, where is it?
    A: Fabrik ships with several of the most common element and Validation Plugins, however to reduce Installation package size not all available plugins are pre-installed.

    All other element and Validation Plugins can be found by following these steps:
    • go to extensions > extension manager
    • discover
    • purge cache
    • discover
    • find the element or Validation plugin you want to install
    • select it
    • click 'Install'
    then go to 'Manage' and make sure it is published.

    The element or Validation plugin will then appear as an option when creating an element or Validation.