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  • E-mail templates are located in: \plugins\fabrik_form\email\tmpl

    Thanks to the existence of placeholders, you can set up email templates that have a variety of information included in them that is specifically related to data you already have in your in Fabrik database tables or data that has just been submitted via a form.

    This can be useful for personalising emails that you send out to customers or providing generic customer or order information without the need to manually look up and enter that information.

    In this way, it can be seen as a shorthand call for data that exists in your database.

    To get started, please look at the article on placeholders, which will introduce you to their usage and proper syntax.

    Once you are familiar with placeholders and know exactly which element values you wish to include in your email template, you will need to create, download or purchase an email template - this is the structure that your email content will be placed in.

    Mailchimp has a bunch of free basic email templates that you can download in a zip file here:

    As an example then of a simple email template using a placeholder, let's use the example shown in the placeholders article of the element {personal_details___firstname} and extend it a little further.

    In the body of your email template you could write:
    Dear {personal_details___firstname},

    We received your email on {personal_details___contactdate} and are excited that you are interested in our {personal_details___productpreference}.

    We will be in touch within the next 4 days to schedule an appointment with you.


    Your Company Name
    You would then upload this email template to:​

    Be sure to upload any other Elements, such as images that you have referenced in your email template, to the directory you have specified in your email template.

    Next, in the Joomla administration area:
    • go to Fabrik > Forms and select your form
    • go to the Plugins tab and click 'Add'
    • select do email In Frontend On New (or whichever settings you prefer)
    Enter in your other configuration information and then next to 'PHP/HTML Template' you will able to select from a list of templates available in your email template folder.

    Happy Emailing!