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Bug in big Multi select dropdown


Hi to all,
I report a bug that I have to solve in J! 2.5 and Fabrik 3.0.x , but still to be in J 3.8.11 and Fabrik last version of today

Look this list: http://fabrik3.bindcommerce.cloud/index.php/test

- create a new record
- in the category field select all the values
- save

I have 207 categories and when you save, Fabrik saves 207 records in the table test_repeat_category, but when you re-open the element, you can see only one part of this element selected.

You can only observe this bug when there are so many items selected. It also happens with render as Checkbox

Thank you
It may be aSQL restriction. did you enable bigselects in Fabrik options?

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Hi troester, thank you!

Your advice solved the problem in J 3.8.11 and Fabrik last version when the option is general.

In J! 2.5 and Fabrik 3.0.x this option is in every list. I activate bigselects in the list that contains the field and in the linked list, but this not solves.

Do you have some other advice?

Thank you
I don't even have a J! 2.5, Fabrik 3.0 test install any more, so I can't really help.

Moving forward, any support for end-of-lifed versions would have to be done on a custom, hourly basis.

-- hugh
Hi Hugh,
we plan to move on the last version, but we don't sure about the timing.

Could you estimate a range of many hours will be needed? To allow your tests I can provide you with the work environment.
I'll need to discuss it with @mediaateam (Robbie).

We're in the process of changing our support and subscription offerings this week, and how we handle stuff like this.

-- hugh