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Autofill not working on prod site, but does work on test site

Autofill stopped working on the production site of one of my clients. (However, it does work on the test site.) I updated to latest version of Fabrik from github, but the problem remains. I haven't changed anything in Fabrik from the time it was working until now, except to update the versions of Fabrik and Joomla. (With those same updates it's still working in test.)

Login details for Fabrik person for the production site are in my profile for It's In The Bag.

The site is for It's In The Bag. It's Joomla 3.8.10 and Fabrik 3.8.1. Php is vesion 7.2. 8. However, the autofill stopped working on the production site when it was Joomla 3.8.9 and Fabrik 3.8.0. I updated everything. I did clear all caches - several times.

What other information do you need? If you can help with this before you leave on vacation I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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What more information do I need to give? I've been waiting since Tuesday for an answer. I realize I only paid for a Standard license, but I thought it said 3 days for an answer. What more information do I need to give you?
I duplicated the existing production site into the test site for It's In The Bag. The information for it is under My Sites. That way you don't need to work in the production site. In the test site I tried removing the filters from all the lists and just put the filter on the menu items, but it didn't make any difference - the autofill still doesn't work. (And because I copied the production site to test, autofill obviously now doesn't work in test as I originally stated.)
There's an htaccess on that site, and I don't think you've given us the login in your My Sites.

-- hugh
I would really appreciate your help since I've been waiting since Tuesday. I know you are busy, but so am I - it only took me seconds to add the htaccess rights for you. If you had told me 3 days after Tuesday that you couldn't get past the htaccess rights I would have had it added for you by the time you "tried" to get access on Saturday. I'm really upset as I really needed help LAST WEEK! I've been very supportive of this product and have it on 4 websites, including my own, but this long to get help is unacceptable.
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I really needed help with this item. I am very disappointed that I have not had help and I posted on Tuesday and Friday would have been the 3 days you all promise to respond. This is now the next Monday and nothing.
can you include the information on which form the autofill is not working, how to access this form in the front end?
Is it working/not working in the backend?
Did you try with Joomla's standard template Protostar?
Do you have JS errors?

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Just to be clear, autofill was working just fine on the website for quite a while. Then, towards the end of April, it stopped working on the production site, but remained working on the test site. No changes had been made to the website except for updating extensions as updates became available. I moved from one state to another the very end of April, so I didn't have time to address the issue until last month. I spent hours reading about similiar issues and trying different solutions I read about in these forums, but to no avail.

The form that was autofilling fine and then stopped on the production site is the Custom Order Form. One must login as a registered user, go to the Account Profile - which is a submenu under the Account Management menu item, and to to the right hand side of the list. There you will find a link to view existing custom orders or place a new custom order.

There are even bigger problems happening today. I went into the test system to set up an account profile for you all, and it would not work. So, I went back tot he production system to set up an account profile for the user I set up for you all , and the system is no longer letting me set up an account profile. That was working just a couple of days ago, but not today. By account profile, I mean an account for It's In The Bag, not a Joomla account.

We have also had a customer who said they tried to set up an account profile but was not able to do so. So now most of fabrik is not working in production, and I'm having the same problems in test. This is a major problem for me and for my client. All of this was working well for months, and not none of it seems to work.
Account profile is done with Fabrik?
Define 'not working'.
Did you enable Joomla's error reporting?
After moving your production site did you adapt the Fabrik connection?

Which other extension have you on your site, updated...?
Is it working with the Protostar template?
Did you enable some sort of compression?

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Once again - the account profile is not the JOOMLA profile. And what do you mean how? It's a Fabrik form with elements that a user fills out - like all forms.

The forms have been set up in production for months - so nothing was moved to production from test. I cloned production to test and yes, I changed the Fabrik connection. The last time I cloned it was last week preparing to get help from you all. By not working, I mean it does not work at all - it cannot be set up. A user is not able to set up an account profile. One can fill out the form, but when one hits save or submit, it all goes blank and no records are saved to the database.

ONCE AGAIN, all of the forms have been working fine in Joomla for MONTHS - until the autofill stopped working in April, and the ability to set up an account profile stopped working a couple of days ago. Nothing has changed in that entire time except I turned off caching in an attempt to fix the autofill issues after reading posts from Hugh about the recent problems with Fabrik. Many, many extension have been updated over the past few months. It's important to keep them updated for security purposes. Don't know if it's working with prostar, why would I care when it was working fine for MONTHS? The template is a Gantry template, BTW. I need this fixed today, please. I've been waiting a week to get help. Did you even login and try any of the forms? No - I can tell the user I set up for you has never logged in.

If you had logged in you would have been taken to the account profile page where you would attempt to set up an account profile. Once that is set up (which can't be done now) you could have tried to place a custom order where you would have seen that the auto fill of the name and address and email address does not happen. All of this used to work fine - FOR MONTHS.
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First of all: I'm only a Fabrik user trying to help.
Until yesterday you didn't provide informations which form is involved or how to access it in the frontend.
I asked if you are seeing any JS messages and if you've turned Joomla error reporting on.
If you get a blank page you usually will get an error message if setting J! error repoting to max.

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In addition to the other problems listed above, there is now another problem. Because of all the issues I only left one field as being required. It has a validation of not empty. It's the first name of a client. Now, the validation never ends.
Sorry troester, I saw Staff Member and thought you were a staff member of Fabrik. Excuse my frustration - waiting a week or more to get help while my client loses customers is extremely frustrating.

The form being accessed from the front end would have been obvious if someone from Fabrik had logged in as they are taken directly to the form, so I didn't think it was necessary to state the obvious.

Also, I am not getting a blank page. After one fills in the form and clicks on save, the form goes blank, not the page.
Troester - didn't mean to offend you - I thought you were working for fabrik because it says staff member on your name
Things have gone from bad to worse. NOW when users or the owner of the company tries to login to look at clients, their pets, or orders, this message appears.



FYI - I disabled caching in the advanced options for all the lists as was stated by Hugh's message. But I did that yesterday and this message did not appear until just a few minutes ago.

I'm going to have to put a message on her system that client's cannot login nor can they place orders, and that is not good for her business and it is disastrous for mine! What do I need to do to get someone to tell me what is going on and fix this issue once and for all? IT IS ABSURD THAT I CANNOT GET ANY HELP FROM FABRIK AFTER A WEEK OF WAITING!!!!!!! I AM NOW BEYOND UPSET - I AM PISSED OFF! WHY THE HELL DID I PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION IF I'M NOT GOING TO GET ANY HELP??????
I'm not on my PC and don't see the forum messages.

'now...': did you enable Joomla error repoting meanwhile, so it's now showing the error message instead of blank page?

I think Hugh was saying to disable JOOMLA'S caching. Did you try this?

Did you try to do a GitHub update?
As far as I can remember the message says: don't update to J!3.8.10 or disable Joomla caching or do a GitHub update

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Hi, This is what the message says

  1. If you update to Joomla 3.8.10, please make sure that you either do a full GitHub update of Fabrik, or disable caching for your lists (in the Advanced settings) or turn off Joomla's System Cache setting. A change in Joomla's cache code in 3.8.10 required a fix in Fabrik, which will be rolled in to the next release, but is currently only available in GitHub.
I have tried disabling caching for my lists. That didn't work. So I tried disabling Joomla's system cache settings. That didn't work either. Then I tried doing both. That didn't work either.

I have never had a blank page. The form just goes blank on when one tries to save the form, which means no one can create a new account profile or update an existing one. And now that the latest problem is occurring, NOONE can even get to their account profile. Not even me as a super admin.

Yes, I have error reporting on - and it tells me nothing - there are no errors being stated. Of course, now I can't even get to any lists.

Yes, I updated from github.

So, I used instructions found in the forum to copy all the lists, forms, et al to yet another test site. Now I get a 500 FABRIK HAS GENERATED AN INCORRECT QUERY FOR THE LIST IITB - CLIENT (or whatever).

Also, when I'm in the fabrik component I have this error showing Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in****/dev.itsinthebagbyk.com/administrator/components/com_fabrik/fabrik.phpon line81.

On line 81 in that file it says
if (count($db->loadResult()) === 0)

I am beyond frustrated and beginning to be sorry I found this product. I thought it was an answer to a lot of issues I have with forms and some limitation of joomla, but now I'm not so sure. I used to love the product, but not right now ....

Thanks for trying to help.
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P.S. I went to my production site and copied line 81, which says if ((int)$db->loadResult() === 0) to the dev site and now that last error is gone. But I'm still getting the 500 error.