Multilingual forms

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  • With language strings​

    • Set up a multilingual Joomla site, see e.g.
    • Use custom language strings as list/form/group/element labels, messages etc.
    • Add these strings via J!'s language override

    With Fabrik multilingual data​

    With list copies​

    This is an old method to create multilingual Forms/Lists/Elements. It's flexible but using all duplicated Lists/Forms/Elements etc.

    Create a copy of you list/form

    Make a copy of the list or form you want to translate. This will still point to the same database table so regardless of the language selected the data will be stored in the same database table.

    Edit each of the copied elements, for each element you will first need to click the 'unlink' check box, to see the standard edit element form.

    Translate the:

    Edit the form and change its

    • Label
    • Introduction
    • Button label
    • Success message
    Edit the list and change its

    • Label
    • Introduction
    Edit all the copied groups and translate their

    • Label
    • Introduction
    Ensure that you have 2 content languages set up:

    Go to Extensions->language manager

    Click on the 'content' tab

    If you just have one language listed add another one

    Set up the language switcher

    The language switcher allows your users to switch between languages - see here for more information;

    Create Menu Links

    If your original list/form did not have a menu item created for it, create one now. Ensure that its language option is set to your sites main language.

    Create a second menu link which points to the copied list/form and ensure that its language option is set to the language you translated.