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Create your own UserProfile at Fabrik

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  • Introduction
    Fabrik Lists can be created in another database than your joomla_database. And in that case the user-details_table from Joomla cannot be joined inFabrik. It sounds for me more secure to keep the database seperate from your Joomla tables, and if you still want to create a userprofile that is also related to {$my-id} there is a method that I would like to share:

    List - UserProfile
    Create a list with any Elements you want including User-element. Add records with ID-numbers from 1 - 9999.
    After this, set Auto-increment to NO and deny ADD records for that list.
    Create a menu: Fabrik - Form
    Set Row-ID = -1

    Now you can go to Fabrik -Elements to create your own User-profile details. If people click on your mennu-link they will see their own detail-view profile and for that you can make a template wherein you can make an EDIT button with the URL of the form-view of the user's profile.

    The Elements that Fabrik provides combined with your own PHP-tamplates give much more Options than for example Community Builber.