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Update F3 -> F4 (Gantry)


I have upgraded from F3 to F4 following the instructions from the Wiki, and everything works fine, but all the controls are misaligned.
I am using Gantry (Hydrogen - Default). Any ideas on how to fix it? When upgrading from Joomla 3.9.23 to Joomla 4.4.4, the installation "forced" me to upgrade Gantry and also Hydrogen.
How does it look with Cassiopeia or in the backend?
Do you have old custom templates or custom CSS?

Before it looked like this (left image). Now it looks like this (right image):


I have not old custom templates or custom CSS.

In backend its looks:


I haven't tried Cassiopeia yet, I'm going to try.
It looks like your repeat group "Template" setting now is "list" and was "table" before.

Or in your group's "Layout" you have group colums not using bootstrap grid values.

You can always use your browser dev tools to examine the element CSS classes.
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In both the left and right image (before and after) I have a list with 6 columns.

If I put a table, it is displayed:


And although in the Layout I configure the Column widths, the size does not work in the dropdowns
Thanks, it was for the percentages. With Fabrik 4 you don't have to put percentages. Anyway we changed from Gantry to Cassiopeia because Gantry was giving us several problems (although Gantry says that it is compatible with Joomla 4...).

Is the Cassiopeia template okay? Do you recommend a better one?
Cassiopeia is the standard Joomla Frontend template, so it should make less problems.
I personnaly use a different template/framework, but this is always a matter of taste. Using frameworks can make it more difficult to pin down errors....