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Update-col plugins has issues with date

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Before updating Joomla 4 and Fabrik Epsilon, I could update the column with a date element. Now, I get an error 1054.


Below are the settings of the date element



Joomla 4 - Fabrik Epsilon - Php 8.1.23.

Any idea why?
Update-col is taking the element's list filtertype settings for input format (which leads to strange effects e.g. if a field has a dropdown filter or with - as in your case - Range filter).
Are you sure it was working in F3 with filtertype = "Range"?
In F3 it's the same error if the element has a Range filter.

But can you try: add
$update->update_value[$i] = is_array($update->update_value[$i]) ? $update->update_value[$i][0] : $update->update_value[$i];
in plugins\fabrik_list\update_col\update_col.php line 319
Thank you so much. It is working now like a charm.:) I can see that there now is a Zeta version. Would it work with this version, too?
No, it's not in Zeta, you must add it again after installation.
But it will be in the next release.
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