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Untranslated Language String

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There are some untranslated language string at form plugin - limit.
Joomla 5.0.1
Fabrik 4.0 Zeta
PHP 8.2

Is your backend language English?

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There are other (form-)plugins, where partially language string translations (even English) are missing. I have seen old (roughly 10 years ago) discussions, where tools are mentioned to discover those string. Will have a look (or somebody else?) to find such actual tools.
The issue has t do with PHP 8, it no longer accepts line returns in the language string. To force a return you must use a <br /> in the language string. Please edit the file plugins/fabrik_form/limit/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_fabrik_form_limit.ini and remove the line return at the end of line 17 for PLG_FORM_LIMIT_LOOKUP_DATA_TYPE_DESC so that the IF currently on line 18 now follows the <br /> and that should fix your problem. This will be fixed in the next release.

If anyone finds any more like this please let us know. Note however, we are only supporting the en-GB language files at this time.
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