[solved] Help: Button or url on detail view to pre-filter another list



I've been battling this issue for a while now and I dont know the right way to go about it.

I need to include a button/link in one detail view (say Detail X) which when clicked would pre-load another list (say List Y) with the record of the user displayed in the detail view.

The two lists have a column carrying the same value.

:::::::What I've attempted
.1 I have a customized detail view template which I can simply add a button to. But I can't figure out how to construct the url in the detail template.
.2 Create a search form module and use javascript to add it to the DOM of the detail view..
Hmmm.... Fabrik and its bitter sweet experience.

Apparently the solution to this was kinda easyish (Well, only if you know what to do). There are so many doables in fabrik that finding a solution pathway to take can be daunting. Well after about two days of painfully thinking of workarounds the right thought crossed my mind by luck.

You only simply need to include a joomla {loadmodule} position in the detail template, then render whatever form/list module inside there.

I'll take time out later to post a detailed explanation for people that would need this.

I'm very sure this would have made support much more easier if people knew they could do this out of the box.

There are some crazy stuff I can achieve with this (I've always been trying to implement a commenting system using fabrik -since fabrik's default comment plugin is too basic for my need and dont want third party extensions- but couldn't figure out how to place a form in the detail view so that users can post new comments. Dont know if it'll work right but I'll try it once I get to that bridge)
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More details.

Thank you.

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