[solved] Fabrik forms not including Menu Page Class


I noticed fabrik form menus don't add the page class to the rendered page.

Is this a bug?

How would I style individual pages if the page classes are not included on the page?

I checked the default form template and noticed <?php echo $this->params->get('pageclass_sfx')?> doesn't do anything. Typing a class manually into the template works but the pageclass code doesn't return any value
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In the default list template we ad a wrapper round the whole thing if you define a pageclass_sfx, so I just added that to the default bootstrap form template:


Yeah, it's supposed to be used as a suffix on individual classes, but that's just silly. So with that tweak, you can use the pageclass_sfx as part of a child selector ...

.your_pageclass_sfx whatever { ... }

-- hugh
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