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Fixed (SOLVED) Before i go crazy, i need to ask .. Are the Search Form Working on Fabrik4?


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Are the Search Form Working on Fabrik4?

I create one following this tutorial https://fabrikar.com/forums/index.php?wiki/create-a-search-form/

- first try that i create the form is not in the list of forms, but if i create a menu i can see is there.
- second, i make sure to select a group the form is there in form list, but when i use the form i get this error:

1103 Incorrect table name ''​

Thanks for any help, i keep trying but if somebody have any info on this i will apreciate!

Version :
Joomla 5, Fabrik4 Updated site, from 3.12
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I create a 3 and same result it didnt show in form list, creates the group, but not the form


Also if i try to create the menu, the form shows there

Here you can see is not show in fabrik form list
I've never made a search form myself, but probably it would be better to start with a list and then disable save to database (form processing) in the form afterwards....
I think there's a big bug at the moment, you can't start with creating a form (also if it's no recording to DB).

Create a (dummy) list, then set the created form to "Record to DB"=no.
After this you can delete the list (but not form/group/elements)
Issue should be fixed in the next release (resp. in Monday's GitHub build).

For those who are interested right now:


  • form.zip
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@troester , i copy the form.zip you attach early to administrator\components\com_fabrik\models\form.php, and try creating again but same result , i follow this instructions:

Create a (dummy) list, then set the created form to "Record to DB"=no.
After this you can delete the list (but not form/group/elements)

This work ok except i was not able to delete the list only, i didnt found a way to do that.

i will mark the tread solve thanks!
i may did something wrong again, i did exatly what you mention before, but it remove all even when i toll only the list only.
It's all still there, but in trash.

So this workaround to get a form not recording to DB (create list, then trash and delete it) is a bit complicated.
But with the fix such a form can again be created directly.
i try it again multiple times. the only way to keep the form is if i dont delete the dummy list..

Create a (dummy) list, then set the created form to "Record to DB"=no.
After this you can delete the list (but not form/group/elements)
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Thank you.

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