[solved] Add Columns From Another Table into List



I need to display some columns from another table in another list.

id, userid, name, surname

id, listA_id, userid, school, course, year

I am loading LIST B but I want name, surname to also appear.

I know I can duplicate LIST A (to say LIST C) and then join LIST B to it.

I really would prefer if I can dont have to do that.

Is there a straightforward way to do this right when loading LIST B?
I don't think there are any other options. With "add columns from another table", using an foreign key (listA_id), you are pretty much describing a one-to-one join.

You could do it be steam yourself, with some crazy custom template mods where you manually look up the joined data and insert columns into your list by hand, but that would be .... sub optimal.

Or you could run a php_events list plugin, and onLoadData grab the joined data and somehow insert it into the list data ... but again ... sub optimal.

-- hugh
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