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I'm not sure posting the issues as single posts would make sense so I'm posting all here.

I have a search form that would refuse to redirect correctly when displayed in detail view.
The redirect url I specified on the search form's redirect plugin (w) is appended to the current detail view url (detail/X/X). So I get (detail/X/X/w/…) and I get a Joomla"like notification error "We are unable to find this record"

The search form work ok on any other page that is not a detail view.

Note 1: I also have another search form module that displays on the same detail view page and other pages and that works ok.

Note 2: Sometimes the form works ok and redirects correctly - I don't know when/how but I decided to try multiple versions of the form in a page. One inside the detail view template, on inside a joomla module in the sidebar and another in a moduleposition rendered in the detail view template.

And was testing all. Generally only the one in the joomla module worked well when it ended up working. The ones inside the detail view template at best would display a white page with the search parameters in json like format.

Note 3: Unlike List Module, the Form Module doesn't have parameters to take values from the current detail view

WHY I needed this module in the first place.

I need a button (somewhere/anywhere) on the page showing the detail view which when clicked would load a list showing only the records of the owner of the detail view.

DetailView B
id, user, profiledetails……
(has only one row of user)

id, user, posts
(has multiple rows of user)

PS: Tried using list module (joined ListB+ListW) but the records returned were all carrying the same rowid.
of list B's single record which is an issue cos I need the posts to carry their own id (since the ListW still has another comment ListZ) that is attached to it.

:::::So the search result from detailView B is meant to load the listview of ListW and its children in ListZ)
Hmm, should work. I haven't tested it recently, but the "Content plugin / module" settings should work, the AJAX doSubmit in the form JS should pick up the response and handle it accordingly.

I'll give it a go as soon as I can. About to head out to drive to Wilmington, NC (about 750 miles) so it'll be a day or so.

-- hugh
We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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