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Repeatable Group in Details Page


Hi all,

I'd like to know if there is any work about putting a Repeatable Group in Details Page.

I mean instead the repeatable group appears in add/edit form, it is displayed in Details Page. So a registered user could reply in the Details page, but can't edit the original post (record).

The configuration could be done in the admin>groups and the administrator could customize the text of button (changing Submit to Reply or Comment for example). It should allow display hierarchy or not also.

This feature could be useful in many applications like:

Comments of a record
View attachment 17506

Forum or Ticket
View attachment 17507
Nope, that's not something which will happen.

However, it is possible to set up ACLs on groups / elements such that you can display a copy of the list/form in which the main form groups/elements are read only, and only the repeat groups can be edited.

-- hugh

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