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Problems with list view


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Today my Fabrik 3.10 started having problems displaying views, I get a message "Sorry, this table is not published" and it shows up in the console log problems like 404, see pics!!


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IS the list unpublished?

Did you change something? If not it seems something has changed on your server.

Maybe your host changed php version, changed security settings, your site got hacked...
IS the list unpublished?
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Did you change something? If not it seems something has changed on your server.

Maybe your host changed php version, changed security settings, your site got hacked...

I didn’t change anything, just stopped working.

the site is behind Cloudflare and it’s a Cloud server that only I am the admin.

when I create a list, I can see the data and everything works, but I enter to the list configuration and press the bottom SAVE, then it stops working.

with olds list everything works fine, just happens when I create a new list view and the Save it.
If you didn't change anything and nothing changed on the server and it was working before it's a miracle;)

If you "Save" a new list Fabrik is loading the content types for you to select the default elements which should be created.
Obviously something got screwed up on your site with folders/pathes...

But this is Fabrik 3 forum and Joomla3/F 3 had their end-of-life 2 weeks ago.
It's very strange what happens, I also thought it could be some datatype, but it happens even with an empty list view (only with the ID and Date fields) my theory also points to J3 no longer being supported, but in my other sites everything it's still working.

the error points to certain .js that it doesn't find in the administrator/fab folder, but I think they are virtual paths because the .js mentioned are in another folder.

In the list views that work well, the full path to the .js appears, in the new listviews the error 404 file not found appears.
J3 no longer being supported
This doesn't change anything on your server/site, you can run J!3 "as it is" as long as you like resp. as long as you can justify it for safety reasons (assuming your server doesn't change php and/or database versions etc)

You can try to set "Allow fabrikDebug" to "Debug JS" in Fabrik Options/Debugging and see if you get some more informations in your browser console.
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More details.

Thank you.

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