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Need custom PDF for list on paper size a4 with pagination.


I have my own list template:
that i use as:
- Front-end-template
-PDF template ( PDF Orientation: Portrait, PDF Paper size: a2)

My custom template -PDF template - i can print only when i have:
PDF Paper size: a2, a1, a0.

I need PDF Paper size a4 (PDF orientation: portrait)
when i try a3, or a4 i get en error:
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /var/www/cc.joomla/libraries/dompdf/include/frame_decorator.cls.php on line 355

I was testing this problem and see that i can print on a3 when number of lines on list-view is small.
In that case all printed lines can fit in 1 page sheet.

When i have on list_view more lines (all my lines are only calculations, i don't have visible records on my custom template for list view) than i have use "a2" that is enought long to fit in all my lines.

I need have pdf on a4 portrait and fit whole printout on more than 1 page sheet - it can be 2,3,4 sheets for my pdf.

How to do in my custom-list-template that is also pdf-template: pagination:
- pagination always when necessary to divide text
- or pagination beetween my lines on printout in fixed position - for example before line (default.php)
echo " <div class='podkr1' style='margin-top: -7px; margin-bottom:* {font-family:'dejavu sans'!important} -13px; text-align:right;'> </div><br/>";

---------- pagination here ---- how to do? --------

echo " <div class='podkr1' style='margin-top: -7px; margin-bottom:* {font-family:'dejavu sans'!important} -13px; text-align:right;'>  </div><br/>";
echo "<div class='tyt1'>Pakiety wej?? dwustanowych IF: - - - - -  Add5</div>";
if ($order1==0){
$query = "SELECT  `is_pak_dwus_if`, `konfig_napiecie`, `konfig_wd` FROM  `ccjom_cc_kk_karta_rejestr` WHERE  `rodzaj_karty_np_wzorzec`= '2'  ORDER BY `id`";
else {
$query = "SELECT  `is_pak_dwus_if`, `konfig_napiecie`, `konfig_wd` FROM  `ccjom_cc_kk_karta_rejestr` WHERE  `zamow_symbol`=".$order1."  ORDER BY `id`";


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We've seen issues with DOMPDF before when a list doesn't fit on one page, and there are some long running threads in the DOMPDF github issue tracker about it.

The only thing I can suggest you try is to alter your overall DIV structure, so you never have a single div which is longer than a page.

-- hugh
In your other thread you say
* {font-family:'dejavu sans'!important}
but this doesn't work.
Are you running a recent domPDF library from Fabrik GitHub?
dejavue should be included (also in the jooma2.5 branch).
DIVs and HTML tables going over page size may be a problem.
But in the recent version (recent = about 2 years old) there was a big improvement compared to the older one.