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Limit element list to Joomla user group

HI guys

I need some help please

I have an element that is the user plugin in a form so that the form defaults to entering the logged in user's id in the element and is not editable by that user group. That way all listings are created in their name.

I also have a list view for admins that allows them to edit that field when creating a new listing and it is a selection of all users where they can pick the user.

However, I want the dropdown to only show users in a particular Joomla user group

I have gone through some threads in the forums and people talk about using a database join element but I am not sure how to do this.

I need both the users and the admins to enter the user id in the same field but have it autofill for the user and be selected by the admin

For it to autofill for the user, I believe I have to use the user plugin on the element

How would I use a database join to accomplish this job or to connect to this element so that the data gets stored there.

I am not a hard core developer so a step by step would be helpful if someone can assist me


Not sure if I got your problem.

Did you look at the element "Access" settings?
You can select which J! user "Access level" can use this element while adding, editing or viewing a record.
Form(add)= edit acces in new records
Form(edit)=edit acces in existing record
Details view= readonly access

You can create J! access levels and assign them to user groups as you like/need.

If you want a dbjoin linked J! users select table #__users.

If you want to synchronize J! users with a Fabrik list use the jUser form plugin.
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More details.

Thank you.

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