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File Upload element


Hello all.
I'm using the file upload element again; but I noticed a difference between Fabrik versions since I used it last. I have one site that's using the Fabrik v3.8 file upload element and when a user clicks on the file name in a Fabrik list a nice modal popup appears. On my other site I'm using the current Fabrik v3.8.1 file upload element and when a user clicks on the file name in a Fabrik list the entire page displays the image. Then the user has to click on the browser back arrow. I would prefer the popup instead. I compared my settings in the element from both sites and they match. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Ajax fileupload or standard?
What are your settings?
I can see this "opening in browser", too, if the list is displaying the filename (not the image thumb), but it's the same in Fabrik3.8.
Did you do anything in the fileupload layouts on your 3.8 site?
Hi troester.
I’m using Ajax.
Now that you mention it; I forgot that Hugh helped me last year when the site was on mySite. He added the popup. I wonder if he did something in the layout. I should mention that the popup also looked very much like the Regular Labs Modal popup. I haven’t gotten into trying layouts, yet. Not really sure where to go to see if he did adjust the layout. Any chance you can steer me in a direction and maybe a helpful how to weblink?
Thanks in advance

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The layout file is

Copy it to an override folder in your J! template or maybe in your Fabrik list template (I don't know where it is in your 3.8 site) and add the changes Hugh made on your 3.8 site.
I think mainly it's adding rel="lightbox[]" as a link option.
Do you remember how you setup the file upload element popup from a list aboutva year ago? I’ve tried Troester’s suggestion and I couldn’t get it to do work.
Thanks in advance.