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Fabirk: new visualization - Issues


1. When creating a new visualization I am having issues with the Introduction editor windows will not resize horizontally. Due to this I am unable to view the options at the right unless I hit the [Toggle Editor] to turn it off. It will resize vertically.

2. Plug-in - Googlemap - Screen shot attached.


  • googlemap plugin issues screenshot.png
    googlemap plugin issues screenshot.png
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You can't resize JCE smaller than its icon block on top (you can select and move these icons in your JCE profile).

But your screenshot doesn't show any JCE issue but missing language strings. Which Joomla and Fabrik version are your running? Recent Joomla has a fallback to English.

@Hugh: JCE has a lot of nice features: image/file handling, different profiles, user access settings - I like it (how can I give "simple" users just 3 editor functions with TinyMCE?)
Those language strings were missing entirely,they got blown away in the Transifex merge during the last build. I've added them back.

I know JCE has a lot of nice features, I just quit using it because of compatibility issues. That was a number of years ago though, so I may start using it again.

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