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element keep moving


while adding elements to the list, for i don't know what reason elements move up or down..and that spoil the outpu format i choose by putting them in the correct order
Is there a way to prevent these elements from moving from their position?
thank you
It seems most of your last threads are related to HTML and CSS, not Fabrik.
the more elements i add the bigger it become..but thelist will always show the same number of elements, so will get bigger and bigger in height
That's how a HTML table with default CSS is doing.

Fabrik gives you the possibility to style the generic templates (e.g./list/bootstrap) via custom CSS or to add your custom template.

For doing individual layout on websites (no matter if Fabrik or Joomla or whatever) you must know about HTML and CSS.
There's a lot in the net showing you how to do.
sorry my second post was wrong here, iwas supposes ti have posted in the other topic..it has nothing to do with this
still need help withit
We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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