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Date plugin date picker popup error in J5


Date plugin's date picker popup does not display correctly in J5. Browser's console says it is related with tinymce.min.js
I can confirm the display issue, but I can't confirm this is depending on tinymce.min.js (took me some time to clone my development site and do the upgrade to J5).
Nonetheless this could be solved with some (custom) css-statements. I'll come back, when I have discovered in detail, what is needed.
Just found out: obviously the J5 upgrade deleted some files in the media/system/css folder where calendar-jos.min.css was located. I copied the file to the mentioned folder and it works.
Probably some other problems will occur :-(

I have a fresh J5.0.2 installation and Fabrik 4. Unfortunately the Date picker doesn't work at all. I see the icon but it doesn't Pop up when I click on it.

Thx for any help

yes, Fabrik 4.0 (01.02.2024)
Frontend and Backend
Form and List. Default Filter setup.
Hey, indeed the browser console shows the following:

Fabrik form::addElements: Cannot add element "ajs_user_profile___passport_expiry_date" of type "FbDateTime" because: Calendar is not a constructor
I can't replicate. With F4.0 the old date element is working everywhere on my J!5.0.2 site.
I should have read the important bits and pieces while setting up the date field. I still had a jdate element active and this caused the date picker not to work.

thanks for all your time wasted to help a stupid beginner
We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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