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Custom PDF template doesn't print to PDF with polish characters

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I have my own list template:
that i use as:
- Front-end-template
-PDF template ( PDF Orientation: Portrait, PDF Paper size: a2)

This is very customized template - list view include only:
-box for searching (field: ccjom_cc_kk_karta_rejestr___zamow_symbol) --
Nr zam.

- calculations ( some calculations are fabrik calculations for columns, some calculations are my own advanced calculations with code in file:


A piece of list view is in screenshoot: Zaznaczenie_127.png

My own code in default.php is for example this piece of code:
<?php  $n=0;

                        foreach ($this->calculations as $cal) {

if($n >=7 and $n<8)  {
                                 echo '<tr class="fabrik_calculations">';
                                        echo "<td>";

echo " <div class='podkr1' style='margin-top: -7px; margin-bottom: -13px; text-align:right;'>  </div><br/>";
echo " <div class='tyt1'> Pakiety wej?? analogowych: - - - - - Add2 </div><br/>";
$db =& JFactory::getDBO();

for ($i=1; $i<=5; $i++){

if ($order1==0){
$query = "SELECT  `is_pak_xxxx`, `field_pakiety_analogowe` FROM  `ccjom_cc_kk_karta_rejestr` WHERE ( `rodzaj_karty_np_wzorzec`= '2' and `field_pakiety_analogowe`="$
else {
$query = "SELECT  `is_pak_xxxx`, `field_pakiety_analogowe`  FROM `ccjom_cc_kk_karta_rejestr` WHERE ( `zamow_symbol`=".$order1."  and `field_pakiety_analogowe`=".$i$

I have a problem with line like this:
echo " <div class='tyt1'> Pakiety wej?? analogowych: - - - - - Add2 </div><br/>";

"wej??" - include polish characters : ?, ? that are well displayed on list_view but wrong on PDF-printout.

I try also add at the beginning of file default.php - line with code:
 header('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');
but this doesn't change nothing

On PDF-printout i get line:
echo " <div class='tyt1'> Pakiety wej?? analogowych: - - - - - Add2 </div><br/>";
without polish characters, i get instead them: "??".
Sample of PDF-output i have on screenshoot: Zaznaczenie_128.png.

I can copy directory:
to directory:
And can do independent template for PDF-output.

But what and how to change code to get in PDF polish characters?
Now need to solve problem with lines like:
echo " <div class='tyt1'> Pakiety wej?? analogowych: - - - - - Add2 </div><br/>";
that are only in default.php file.

Link to list

Neccessary is login to site.


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You may need to run the output through mb_convert_encoding. Around line 145 in ./libraries/joomla/document/pdf/pdf.php, just before we do the load_html(), try ...

$data = mb_convert_encoding($data,'HTML-ENTITIES','UTF-8');

You might also try using a different font, as per this Stack Overflow discussion:


You can see in that code where we've tested using different fonts before.

-- hugh

This works (i get polish characters on pdf) when i use:
- in ./libraries/joomla/document/pdf/pdf.php: ---before we do the load_html()---
$data = mb_convert_encoding($data,'HTML-ENTITIES','UTF-8');

- in custom_css.php:
* {font-family:arial!important}

I need this 2 lines with code both to have polish characters in PDF.

I try also second option in link from troester
- in custom_css.php:
* {font-family:'dejavu sans'!important}
but this doesn't work.

This what i get now is enought for me for polish characters in PDF for that list.

Very thanks! :)
Yeah, I think there's an issue where certain characters get converted to HTML entities rather than UTF-8 encoded, when rendering a view.

-- hugh
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Thank you.

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