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Crob Job Stop Working


Hi I had no idea what happen my crob job suddenly stop working.

I had check, my System - Fabrik Scheduled Tasks is enabled.

I had also enable require query string to yes


In my crob job I had enter the url as https://mysitename.com/index.php?fabrik_cron=1

If I manually select job and click run it will run but not when I trigger the url

Is there anything else I can check to get it working

I am using Fabrik 3.0.x and joomla 3.5.1
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In the fabrikcron.php ;

from line 185 to 189 ;

->select("id, plugin, lastrun, unit, frequency, " . $nextRun . " AS nextrun")
->where("published = '1'")
->where("$nextRun < '" . JFactory::getDate()->toSql() . "'");

there is a double where in the query statement is this a syntax error ?
No, it's like an AND.
What is your exact Fabrik version?
With which Fabrik and Joomla version was it running?

What are you doing in your php code?
(e.g. J!3.5.1 now is VERY strict about email settings)
Fabrik 3.4.3 I did an update last Friday from Git
Joomla 3.5.1
The strange thing is the cron job will only run if I change the 2nd where to and.

I check this file because my cron job is not running :(
I think I found the reason why it is not working my Server Time Zone was set to Singapore time and not Universal Time after I switch to Universal Time it start working again.

Is there anyway to accommodate user setting ?
Ah yes, there's a bug in the timezone handling if you are editing your cron job in the backend.

Set your Joomla time zone back to Singapure.
But every time you are editing your cron job you must also edit the "Last run" and subtract the timezone offset
If it's showing 2:00 in the cron list view it will show 10:00 inside the cron job (assuming Singapore is UTC+8?) and you have to change it back to 2:00 before saving.
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More details.

Thank you.

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