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can't install fabrik

Discussion in 'Community' started by samani, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. samani

    samani Member

    Level: Community
    hi... i install very time fabrik on my joomla but in this case i can't install that . i download and install fabrik from web and it install correctly but when i extract github package on my joomla root and go to Discover menu but when click on Discover button , there is nothing to show me for install...please guide me.
  2. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    How are you extracting it?

    If you are ssh'ed into the server and doing it by hand with wget and gunzip, remember that the archive is embedded in a top level folder (fabrik-master), and if you just extract it, it'll wind up in that folder, rather than actually extracting into the correct locations. You can work round this by getting the tarball instead of the zip, and using the 'skip-components' switch ...

    wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/Fabrik/fabrik/archive/master.tar.gz -O - | tar -zx --strip-components 1

    -- hugh

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