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  • Joomla 5.1

    For running J!5.1 you must install Fabrik 4.1
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  • Subscription and download (Fabrik 4.1 for J!4.2+ and J!5.1) are working now

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    Please post subscription questions and issues here

    We have resolved the issue with the J! updater and this will be fixed in the next release.

  • Update & Changlog URL Fixer

    At the present time the update site URL for Fabrik is incorrect in all installations up to and including 4.1. This will be corrected in 4.2, however, if you wish to update Fabrik via the J! Updater you can download and install this plugin.

    This file is installed just like any other extension through the J! Extension Installation panel. It will not however actually install anything. Its sole purpose is to fix the Update Site and Changlog URL's. Once done it will simply exit.

    As always, we recommend you perform a site backup priot to installation.

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  • Hugh, I can't post on standard support forum. Can you please tell me why? Did my subscription ended? I can't find where to renew or any membership info. Please help. BR
    Hugh, I renewed my professional subscription today and my account invoice shows the payment. But I don't have access to pro forum. I also clicked on the "Contact" button and it is a broken link. Is it just a time delay (and maybe somebody should fix "contact")
    Hi Cheesegrits,
    I would like you to support setting up fabrikar that can export Qr-code to PDF. I have done sometime successfully but failed with recent update of Fabrikar.
    Can you quote me on that?
    I have template for printing agriculture product with QR code already.
    Thank you very much for your attention.
    My skype is paulsteigel. Or you can reach me at ngocdd@sfdp.net
    Dang Dinh Ngoc
    Sorry. translater.
    Transfered money by paypal.12 hours ago. What about support, downloads e t c&
    ?! ??-??????...
    ??????? 12 ????? ?????, ?? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? - ??? ???????? ? ???????? ? ?? ???? ??????? ???????...
    ?? ??????? ????. ??? ?????
    Hi Hugh, On the last post you say the best way to understand what I try to do with fabrik were to have an Skype session. When it is possible to have this session?
    Hi. I really need some help. Installed a new version of joomla 3.8, then I installed a new version of fabrik 3.7 but I really wanted to keep my data from a previous install of 1.5 so i copied the fabrik tables from the old db to the new db. All is well except when I try to add javascript the event doesnt load when i select it from the drop down and then it doesnt save the predefined options I selected. HELP!!
    Hi Hugh, can you please activate my new Pro subsciption? I need to post to the Pro forum asap. Need advice for structuring a new project. Thks!
    Still waiting on the resolution of this problem.
    Dear cheesegrits,
    I'm wondering to know if this is possible to integrate elasticsearch as database connector, and jquery datatables in replacement of the traditionnal tables use in Fabrik. What do you think about it ?
    Thanks a lot,

    First of all, you will excuse me to interrupt you and you will excuse my english as french is my first language. I developped a web site with joomla with online app (fabrik 3.5.1).The web app I set up need an improvement. So I decided to request your help to make improvment happen. Am ready to pay whatever it takes because my job is on the line.
    I have a site with fabrik. In this is a FIR form which has file upload element. With this form Now the FIR List has 38k entry and is 150gb on remote server. I am told to move to VPS but that has limitation of 40gb only. I need support in setting up Amazon s3 account which can replace all uploaded files with amazon s3 link.

    Please will let me know if this can be done and how much will this support cost?
    Hi Hugh

    Do you offer hourly support without a subscription at all? I have come up against a project deadline and am struggling with a Google maps issue which I need some assistance with.

    If so please could you let me know how to get the requirements to you so that you can give me a cost estimate.

    Many thanks


    We would like to create a subscription system, like the one you have on you website, in order to charge the different plans. how can i start this application.

    Thank you for your support,

    Best Regards,

    Juan Torres
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