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[Solved] Facebook commenting will be enabled after the form has been saved



I installed facebook commenting element and set it up but I am getting this message on the detail view

Facebook commenting will be enabled after the form has been saved

How do I resolve this?
Should be fixed as of this commit:


I've never actually used this plugin, and obviously nobody else has tried using it in a while, as it was still trying to use v1.2 of the API (they're up to 3.0 now).

Anyway, I've updated it, and fixed what appeared to be a bug. Not sure looking at the code if the setting for the URL (to override using the default details link for that form) would actually work, looks like it's always going to use the details link. But at least basic functionality should actually work now.

-- hugh
Although i suspect I may just have broken the fblike plugin by updating the API version. I'll take a look.

-- hugh
;) But... I didn't test the fblike cos I dont have it installed. I'm not sure whether to use it or not cos I'll need to also add the share buttons of other social media platforms which means I would still have to add some third party page sharing code to the website and if it does the same thing as the fblike then there is no point installing the fblike button.
Does the fblike do anything different or extra apart from the regular page sharing/like?