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Show checkbox unticked Labels/values

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Hi there,
I have a group with multiple checkboxes and I have been trying to find some information on the forum about how to show the unticked values on details view and pdf. I don't need the unticked values stored on db, just show them on reports.

Do you guys know whether this is achievable with checkbox element?

Thank you.
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Any other ideas about how to make a list to show in details or pdf with some kind of "tickbox / yes-no / done-not done" selector?
Basically is for a task list but I need to check in details and pdf whether the tasks have been done or not.

You can use custom templates or maybe a display element, fetching all your tasks from the database (much easier if you have a table/list and a dbjoin rendered as checkbox) and then displaying all tasks with special markings on the ones which are checked.
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