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multiple log in under one joomla account. 3.8.5

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Racmitch, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Racmitch

    Racmitch Member

    Level: Community
    I am looking for info. I know this isn't a joomla support forum, but I know most of you are joomla experts so I thought i'd ask. I want to have a single user account that allows multiple users to log into to that account with out booting someone when one logged in person signs out. This is to access a fabrik system so kinda a fabrik issue. There used to be away to do this in earlier versions of joomla, but I don't see those files in 3.8.5. Kinda like a "demo" site for joomla developers who want many people to see their demo with a single user log in...any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    That should "just happen". J! logins are session based, so you can be logged in as the same user from multiple sessions, and logging out from one won't log you out from the others. You can test this by logging in from two different browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) on the same desktop, log out from one, and you'll still be logged in on the other.

    -- hugh
  3. Racmitch

    Racmitch Member

    Level: Community
    Hey Hugh,
    Thanks for your reply. Like i said I know this isn't a "joomla" site, but folks here know joomla well and I'm not getting answers for other posts on of all things, on the Joomla forum . I have no issues with multiple users logging in with the same user/pass. It's when one logs out, it seems Joomla sees that as a log out for that u/p and everyone gets kicked out. The others may not know they are kicked out until they take an action, Like if they are in the process of filling out a fabrik form when someone else logs out and then they hit the submit button and they get an error warning that says "You must be logged in to use this function". Back in the earlier versions of Joomla 1.5 - the early 3.0 series you used to be able to make code changes like this: find "includes" folder open and find versions.php file then make this change:

    /** @var string Whether site is a production = 1 or demo site = 0: 1 is default */
    var $SITE = 1;
    /** @var string Whether site has restricted functionality mostly used for demo sites: 0 is default */
    var $RESTRICT = 0;

    you would then change $SITE = 0
    Allows multiple user logins with only one account.

    and also change

    $RESTRICT = 1(optional)
    Disables those logging in, both frontend and backend from changing user details - like password and username

    But in 3.8.5 the the "versions.php" file no longer exists and I have no idea where to find or how to make changes in 3.8.5
    Basically this use how developers set up their demo sites so users could see/play with their extension with as many as 100 users logged in the same user/pass.

    So kinda what I'm looking to do

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