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List view: Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function

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I connected a new list in front end. When I open the page, it remains blocked, and in the console, I can read this error:

Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function
at onFabrikReady (blockuserinput.js:3:545)
onFabrikReady @ blockuserinput.js:3
setTimeout (async)
onFabrikReady @ blockuserinput.js:3
(anonymous) @ blockuserinput.js:3
Which exact Fabrik version, which frontend Joomla template?
Can you enable "Debug JS" in Fabrik Options/Debugging (so it's running the uncompressed JS and showing some more meaningful line number)?
Here you are the screeenshot of debug.

Thank you


  • screenshot.jpg
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Is it working in the backend resp. with Cassiopeia template?

Is jQuery loaded with your J! template?

Can you try to replace $ with jQuery in blockuserinput.js
In the backend, it worked
In the front end with Cassiopea template did not work.
I solved it with your advice: by substituting all $ in the file with jQuery

Thank you!


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Not open for further replies.