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Ideas round a database/Fabrik problem


Hello I'm looking for some ideas, pointers to solve my problem.

For a sportclub I need to form each matchweek some teams. Now I'm using an excel sheet for that
Here a simplyfied view: on the left a list of players with a number and name, above the list of weeks
and then in each week-column the letter for the team the player will be member of (where x and R have special meanings)

View attachment 17381

I search a way to put the thing in Fabrik as I have already a table with the players and a table for the weeks (with some extra data) and so on.
Database wise I do need an extra table that holds the playerNr, the week and the Team. but how do I put everything together (in Fabrik) so that it is easy to use.
I looked for the pivot plugin but that only does counts/sums, I can't use that to show the teams in a table form like the excel-sheet.
Ideally I have also a function to copy a week to another week as starting point as most of the times the teams rest the same...

Any idea's or pointers are welcome,