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Fabrik web service and soap


I'm trying to get the Fabrik webservice to work but I have difficulties.

Now I'm getting an error: Call to a member function xpath() on boolean

I made a new list and added the Fabrik webservice plugin.
View attachment 17130
Data via SoapUI View attachment 17131

Via PHP I do normaly like this:
    // Create TabT API client
    $tabt = new SoapClient("http://api.vttl.be/0.7/?wsdl");

    // Prepare Test request
    $Credentials = array('Account'  => 'XXX',
                         'Password' => 'xxx');

    // Get Clubs
    $Response = $tabt->GetSeasons(
                         array('Credentials' => $Credentials);

So I suppose that I entered the endpoint right.
In the credentials I entered the Account and Password

And in datamap I mapped Season, Name and IsCurrent to 3 fields in the list.

What I'm doing wrong?

I don't know if it plays but for now I'm trying it from a local machine (MAMP)

Many thanks in advance,

Sorry Rick,

I didn't. I still get my data via php.

Thank you very much for answering
I would like my form to consult a service and if the service were true, it would allow me to save otherwise, it would not allow it
Unfortunately I have not found how to use this module and the moderators are not very interested in creating a manual for SOAP