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Solved Class "Ftext" no found - SOLVED


Dear colleagues,

My current version of Joomla is 3.10.12 Stable and Fabrik 3.10.

I'm upgrading to Joomla 4.x and Fabrik 4.x (latest version).

In some lists, when we click, the following message appears:

Class "FText" not found

Can anyone help me???... I have no idea what it is...

See attached image...

Thanks for any help...


  • error_ftext.jpg
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Obviously you have an old F3 bootstrap template override in your shaper_helix3 folder
This error is not J! template related.

It seems you have copied the Fabrik bootstrap list template folder into your J! template override folder (/sharper_helix3/html/com_fabrik/list/bootstrap) at some point (maybe with some modifications).
So it's still overriding the recent F4 bootstrap list template.

Remove this folder (or rename it) then it will use the original F4 one.
I'm using the standard Helix3, without changes to its structure...

So you have added the override at some point, maybe long ago. Remove (or rename) this /com_fabrik folder, then the error will disapear.
Independently you can try other J! templates.

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