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Bug: Cascading Dropdown



I'm no more sure of how to exactly reproduce this as this bug wasn't detailed properly where I listed all the bugs I encounter and I have since stopped actively using joins on the list directly (partly because of this and other hassles) so I really cant remember clearly.

What I noted then though was that when adding a NEW cascading dropdown element to an existing joined list, the properties dont get transferred to the child (I believe the Watch or/and Data. Cant really remember) except I go back to remove the joins on the list and re-add the join to the list. Then the data and watch works ok.
It's no bug. Fabrik can't know which element should be watched in the other list.
Edit the child element and select the correct element to watch.
I'm not sure you understood my post.

Missing elements in watch except I go to parent list > remove child list > add child list again