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  • Joomla 5.1

    For running J!5.1 you must install Fabrik 4.1
    See also Announcements

  • Subscription and download (Fabrik 4.1 for J!4.2+ and J!5.1) are working now

    See Announcement
    Please post subscription questions and issues here

    We have resolved the issue with the J! updater and this will be fixed in the next release.

  • Update & Changlog URL Fixer

    At the present time the update site URL for Fabrik is incorrect in all installations up to and including 4.1. This will be corrected in 4.2, however, if you wish to update Fabrik via the J! Updater you can download and install this plugin.

    This file is installed just like any other extension through the J! Extension Installation panel. It will not however actually install anything. Its sole purpose is to fix the Update Site and Changlog URL's. Once done it will simply exit.

    As always, we recommend you perform a site backup priot to installation.


  1. T

    Filter records based on user's company

    I'm trying to find the best way to filter lists to show only records from where the record shares the user's company value. I currently have a fabrik_users table that stores a company name (databasejoin) and also creates new juser records. Two parts to this problem, I think: Storing the user's...
  2. M

    Menu Filter does not show information inmediately

    Hello Looking for some guidance on a strange issue: I have 2 lists: - List A is personal information of a user List B is the activity of the user. - Via some calc i retrieve some information to list A from list B. - I have a pre-filter on a menu item that filters based on said information -...

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