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    Imagick lib does not work with F4?

    My Fabrik3 fileupload elements used to work with Imagick library but i had to change them all to GD to make them work in Fabrik4. I am not sure it is related to php version though. My Fabrik 3 site was running with php7.4 and Fabrik4 site with php 8.1.
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    fielupload element 'Allowed file types' cannot be blank?

    Thank you so much for releasing version ZETA. It made my site running with J4 and php8.1 However i had to make some minor changes such as: -in fileupload element with device capture off, Allowed file types might be left blank in Fabrik3 however in Fabrik4 leaving it blank gives a 'File type...
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    Fileupload Delete button not working if form layout is bootstrap_tabs

    If the form layout is bootstrap everything is fine. However if form layout is bootstrap_tabs, when fileupload delete button clicked a soft confirmation dialog appears but nothing happens whether yes or no button is clicked. The filename is still there and if save button clicked the fileupload...
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