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    For running J!5.1 you must install Fabrik 4.1
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    We have resolved the issue with the J! updater and this will be fixed in the next release.

  • Update & Changlog URL Fixer

    At the present time the update site URL for Fabrik is incorrect in all installations up to and including 4.1. This will be corrected in 4.2, however, if you wish to update Fabrik via the J! Updater you can download and install this plugin.

    This file is installed just like any other extension through the J! Extension Installation panel. It will not however actually install anything. Its sole purpose is to fix the Update Site and Changlog URL's. Once done it will simply exit.

    As always, we recommend you perform a site backup priot to installation.

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    Important Update: Fabrik V4.2 Release and Libraries Change

    This is welcome news! Installation was much easier!
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    Auto-complete on Database Join Issue

    Thanks. I finally got that to work, and it suffices, but I am no closer to figuring out why auto-complete works on one form and not another. Maybe I never will.
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    Auto-complete on Database Join Issue

    Update: I have updated to Joomla 4.4.5 and Fabrik version 4.1. Still having the same issue.
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    Auto-complete on Database Join Issue

    I have two different forms that use the databasejoin element to another table (the same table for both). I have them set to render as auto-complete. It works perfectly on one form, but I cannot get the auto-complete to work on the second one. Nothing comes up when trying to type into it. The...
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    Solved Error 500 Request Timeout on Fabrik 4.0 Installation

    I guess I needed to let all my changes percolate a little, because I was FINALLY able to install from a folder.
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    Solved Error 500 Request Timeout on Fabrik 4.0 Installation

    Joomla 4.4.4 - New Installation Fabrik 4.0 stable - New Installation PHP 8.3.3 I get the following 500 error when trying to install Fabrik on a new website: Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact...
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    Fabrik 4 Zeta Download Issues

    I can download the file, but I cannot install it. It says there is no manifest file. When I try to extract it, I get the error message that the compressed folder is invalid.
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    Fileupload Plugin Issues

    I have determined that this is a problem when I use the Content Plugin in an article. If I set up the menu item using the Fabrik form, it works perfectly. It would be great if this could be resolved. I prefer embedding in an article for ease of SEF urls.
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    Fileupload Plugin Issues

    I am having multiple issues with the Fileupload plugin. I have two fileuploads (not AJAX) on a form. One is required when not hidden, the other is required at all times. I am not using AJAX Validation. Even though files have been selected in both fields, it is giving validation errors. I...
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    File Upload Link Using Placeholder?

    AJAX upload is enabled, and it is set to have only one upload per element. However, there are four upload elements. Some items are required, while others are not. I'm not too worried about the attachments not being attached, though. I'm more interested in there being a link to download the...
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    File Upload Link Using Placeholder?

    I have really searched, but cannot find exactly my issue. My form is using the file upload plugin. If I use the email plugin with the default PHP/HTML template, the file links look like this in the email sent: [{"file":"/images/Upstate/exhibitorUploads/COI-sample1.pdf","params":"null"}] If I...
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    Remove an item from second dropdown based on first dropdown

    Thank you. I will give this a try.
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    Remove an item from second dropdown based on first dropdown

    Is this possible? I have a scenario where volunteers must choose their three top choices for volunteering. I would like to remove the item that they choose first from the second dropdown, and remove those two items from the third. Any help would be appreciated.
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    [SOLVED] Replace with Icons in Fields with Links

    I figured it out. I had "icon hover text" turned on. Works like a charm now.
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    [SOLVED] Replace with Icons in Fields with Links

    I have successfully replaced a field containing a website. I have it set to guess link. However, the icon is not clickable. When mousing over it, it just shows the URL in a popup. What else should I do to get it to be clickable as a link?
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    Validation to keep a date field blank?

    I'm stumped on this. I have a date needed fied (ec___needed). The question prior is a radiobutton called type (ec___type) with two choices (current and summer). If they choose current, I want the date field to be required. I have that working just fine. Right now, a date is not required if...
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    Editing Record - Loses data in databasejoin and cascadingdropdown fields

    Well, it's not just the CDD, but also the database joins, too, with or without CDDs. I'm not ruling out a site specific issue. I do know that for some unknown reason, I have three database connections listed, all pointing to localhost. I did not purposefully do that. Could that issue have...
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    Editing Record - Loses data in databasejoin and cascadingdropdown fields

    When I try editing a record from my list, the data in the databasejoin and cascadingdropdowns disappears when the record is opened. I updated from Github on Friday, but haven't updated today. It was doing this prior to updating as well, on a new form. Does anyone know what is causing this?
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    Problem with Emails for Forms with Repeating Groups (with Databasejoin)

    I have a form set up for people to order supplies. The quantity and the part are entered into a repeating group. When I set up the Email Plugin, I set it up like this: The following request for Supplies was received on {lmos___date_time}:<br /><br /> Order #: {lmos___id}<br /> Requested By...

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