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    Solved Class "Ftext" no found - SOLVED

    I think that was me who recommended Helix Ultimate, but I am happy to share the kudos with @troester
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    Donation Update and Moving Forward

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all contributors who have supported Fabrik's journey. Your generosity has enabled significant upgrades, including migrating the website to a new hosting provider, acquiring licenses, and upgrading to Joomla 4 and our own Fabrik 4. To date, over 2,000...
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    Very slow list load Fabrik on Joomla 3.10.6

    You might try enabling J! debug and take a look at the sql queries, one or more may be taking a very long time and this may point you in a direction to look.
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    Fixed List not scrollable horizontally on smaller device: Fix

    @sunnyjey I created a new bitbucket account unrelated to my personal one or the fabrik one. I forked the fabrik repo to it, modified a file and was able to create a pull request without issue. I think perhaps the issue is as I pointed out above.
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    Cleanup your Fabrik site

    Additionally, if you update from github you can remove the following 2 files: bitbucket-pipelines.yml
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    listcsv plugin generates fatal error

    You did change the word changethis to your tablename?
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    Fixed List not scrollable horizontally on smaller device: Fix

    Did you do a fresh fork and clone after April 28? The Fabrik repo was rebuilt at that time (for the last time) so perhaps the PR won't attach due to the commit hashes being rewritten.
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    Solved Class "Ftext" no found - SOLVED

    Try Helix Ultimate, I have it running without issue on a number of sites on J4/5 and F4
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    Fixed Canonical URL

    I will let @troester comment on the code change. As for the repository we are rethinking how this works. I plan to open a discussion thread on it for everyone to comment on.
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    Joomla compatibility

    There are many people here who are successfully running F4 on J5. Test it first for your own configuration.
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    Filter records based on user's company

    Community help at its best :):)
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    Solved Prefilters : eval FabrikHelperElement::filterValue - not working

    I use Regular Labs Sourcerer in many of my forms intros. It works great and the free version will do what you need to echo the result of the FabrikHelperElement call.
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    Advanced search: Error with jdate on IS EMPTY or IS NOT EMPTY

    Now go to the 3 dots beside clone and select Compare..., you will now see you can compare your fork to the publicrepo, do the compare, you will see your one commit, at the top right you will see Create Pull Request.
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    element 'eval populate' echo does not work anymore

    As mentioned in another thread, us the Web Asset Manager to insert JavaScript to check the selected items.
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    pre-check items of form checkbox or picklist

    You cannot use an echo with the eval populate as I stated above. You can however use the WebAssetManager to have the script inserted: Also, your capitalization of $Lines is mixed in your code and will not work as you have it.
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    Fixed Joomla 5.1 and 'Fabrik cannot find files...' error

    Rename the folder administrator/components/com_fabrik/classes/50 to 51 and that should fix your issue.
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    pre-check items of form checkbox or picklist

    The How is documented in my answer above.
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    element 'eval populate' echo does not work anymore

    While it may have worked in F3 it will not work in F4. The Eval Populate is to return an array of options, that is all.
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    link forms by province

    The code should be $company = '{$my->id}';
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    link forms by province

    And don't forget the > , it is $my->id not $my-id
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