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    02 - Digging Deeper

    • updated: 2009-05-25

    This tutorial describes how we can create a custom Ajax interaction between your form and the server. This allows for the querying of the database and an update of the form, based on selected form options

    • updated: 2009-09-29

    This tutorial will take you through building a one to many relationship between two tables.

    We will build a table and form that will allow you to enter one parent item and mutliple child items from the same form.

    Examples of this might be an invoice and invoice items, or companies and products.

    In the case we are going to use the example of classes and students - each single class can have multiple students.

    • updated: 2009-05-26

    This tutorial will take you through how to create a "many to many" relationship. Our example will start with creating two simple Fabrik tables 'venues' and 'bands' We will then create a linking table between 'venues' and 'bands' called 'venue_bands' This table contains the relationships of which bands are playing at which venues. Bands can play at more than one venue and venues can show more than one band - hence why this is call a "many to many" relationship

    • updated: 2010-05-27

    Describes how you can create a form that redirects to a table, filtering that table's data on the submitted form data.

    03 - User Profile

    • updated: 2009-02-21

    This tutorial shows you how to create use Fabrik for building a User Profile feature.

    • updated: 2009-02-22

    In this tutorial, we will add a Google Map element. This allows the user to place a pin on a Google map display to record a location.

    • updated: 2009-02-22

    How to create a 'visualization' which displays all map locations from our Profile table in a single view.

    • updated: 2009-02-22

    In the previous tutorial, we noticed that we have an access control issue. Any registered user can edit any other registered users profile. This tutorial will show you how to restrict users to only have edit access for their own records.

    • updated: 2009-03-05

    In the next lesson, we're going to add a 'cascading dropdown' for US Cities and States. But first we need to introduce our existing MySQL cities and states tables. Up till now we have only covered creating tables from scratch in Fabrik. This lesson shows you how to introduce existing MySQL tables to Fabrik.

    • updated: 2009-03-05

    A common requirement on forms is to have dropdown menus which change their choices depending on the selection in another dropdown. A classic example is "State and Cities". When you select from the State menu, the options on the Cities menu changes to show only cities in the select State.

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